Fred Woller from Australia thinks:
Our stay at Terra Nossa was absolutely one of the highlights of our time in Brazil. The owner of the Terra Nossa had been waiting on the road to flag our bus down. We collected our bags and followed Michael through a few paddocks to our final destination. He fetched us a beer each and began to tell us the tale of Terra Nossa…

The story behind Terra Nossa is one of the things that made it so special to us. It truly was like no other place either of us had been before. Rather than a hostel or resort, it was more like Michael had welcomed us in to share with him his personal dream realized. The space itself is amazing. well, what can we say, we fell in love. The property is abundant with coconut, papaya, banana & mango trees, to which you can help yourself (breakfast most mornings consisted of a quick walk around to gather fruits, then straight in the blender with some ice for the freshest organic fruit smoothies you’ve ever had in you life!), Michael keeps chickens and was kind enough to share these with us, there are tiny marmoset monkeys playing around the houses in the trees, and Michael has set up some feeders so they come right up to the verandas – the list goes on, it truly is a paradise.

And we haven’t even spoken about the beach yet! Terra Nossa Resort is located on a 50km stretch of beach between the cities of Ilheus and Itacare, about 1km out of a tiny village called Ponta de Tulha. There are very few other hostels/resorts in the area, this means that most of the time when you take a stroll down to the beach there is not a soul in sight! Soft white sand, crystal clear blue water, and you have the entire beach to yourself!!

We seriously can’t wait for our return visit. Many thanks to Micheal for making our stay so memorable, what a guy!

January 2010
Anonymous thinks:
We were in our dream paradise, looking out from our bedroom window on the coconut palms and water that characterize this 50km stretch of stunning coast between Itacare and Ilheus. The local village is Bahian authentic and had everything we needed to stay comfortable as we extended our stay from 3 nights to 6. (but do remember to bring some cash as there is no banks before Ilheus which is 40mins by bus) We spent our time lazing in hammocks, interacting with the local wildlife including a friendly Marmoset, a gorgeous place in a gorgeous part of the world. terranossa is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and enjoy true paradise. right on the beach with plenty of hammocks to laze in, a great outdoor bbq, excelent laundry service plus friendly and entertaining dinner company. michael is SUPER friendly and helpful with anything you could posibly need. we�re definitely coming back here!

January 2011
Anonymous from New Zeland thinks:

We really enjoyed the location of this resort, fabulous beach. We had a very relaxing time. We made use of the shared kitchen and enjoyed making our own meals with freshly caught local fish and produce. We will be back.

02 February 2011
Lauren Grima from Australia thinks:

With friends / other travellers Liked: Beautiful, relaxing retreat in a great location right by the beach! The owner Micheal is a great guy who will do anything for you even make you yummy caiprhinas! The coconuts are delicious and the animals will keep you entertained for hours! We loved our week at Terra Nossa! Disliked: Nothing, great place

14 March 2011
ElanaKrol from Canada thinks:

Liked: It is absolutely private and away from everywhere! Makes it a bit of a challenge to get to (getting off the bus at Ponta da Tulha vs. Itacare) but the owner Michael goes out of his way to make sure to help you with your arrival. Disliked: Only that the locals didn’t seem to know the name of it……YET! But you say “Michael” an then they know….

03 March 2011
Liliana Weiss from Spain thinks:

As a family with children
Liked: I love this place. Michael and Mary are very friendly guys, always trying to help and do something special for the day. Drinks, BBQ`s, music etc. I have my hammock reserved every day right at the beach. Its just awesome, that’s why I’m still here…..regards,Liliana

Disliked: nothing
05 October 2010
Andrea Naguschewski from Germany thinks:

Liked: My stay at Terra Nossa, what a beauty. Excellent location right between Itacare and Ilheus. I was surprised how big the place is. Has nothing really to do with a normal hostel I use to stay. It’s more like a Lodge. And it’s cheap. They charge budget prices for what should cost three times more or so. Michael the owner is a cool guy, (young) he travelled 17 years as a backpacker. I notice that, why? Well everything is here what u need, it works and its organized. To me it is a place to stay for at least a week or two just enjoying the atmosphere and really feeling be on vacation. The breathtaking beach and wonderful nature.,the houses, the rooms and areas are amazing! I am speechless!

Disliked: nothing
22 September 2010
Georgeta Flohr-Bohm from Germany thinks:

With friends / other travellers
Liked: terra nossa resort-this is a wonderful place,a small Paradise in Brasil:) I must say it was truly like in the description, absolutely worth to make that little trip to get here! Itacare is a sweet city, but once we arrived here I was so happy not being directly in town. First we booked just two nights and ended up staying over a week. The Resort is a perfect headquarter. Cheaper and better. We stayed here and made easily day trips to town Itacare, Ilheus and LagoaEncantada. The Terra Nossa place is huge, directly on the beach! You really feel like living here. Can`t wait to set up the BBQ or laying in my hammock between palmtrees. Chicken are walking around hehe. The beach houses are amazing, rooms & beds are very clean & homelike. We really had fun! The owners Michael and Mary were giving us a great time. Absolutely Paradise! thanks guys we come back!!

Disliked: nothing to complain
27 August 2010